Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Job This Week

I'm hosting Weekend America this week and doing a story on this video:

Mike Gravel, who's running for President, has put out this video where he simply stares into the camera for an uncomfortably long time and then walks away, throws a large rock in a lake, and keeps on walking. No campaign promises, no speechifying, no talking at all, really. Just staring, walking, throwing, walking.

I'm hoping to interview Gravel himself, especially since I talked to him a few months ago. I want to know why this video was made, what its purpose is, and why it makes me feel like Mike Gravel is stealing my soul. See if you can watch the whole thing and tell me what happens to your soul by the end.

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Scott Chicken said...

Wow. Not sure about my soul, but that's definitely weird, and brings up more questions than it answers:

1. Who's the woman who walks by early on, and why doesn't she react to this nutjob staring at a camera?

2. Does he throw the large rock because he's named Gravel and therefore is pissed off at bigger rocks?

3. Who's the guy in shorts who enters late in the film and follows Gravel off screen?

4. And does the shorts guy end up throwing Gravel in the lake?

5. What's the deal with the wind noise? Can't the Gravel campaign afford a wind screen for their microphone?

If you get to talk to him for the show work on getting some answers.