Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I took some liberties here, using Saturday's Herman and today's Family Circus. All in the name of cognitive illumination, though.


"No fair, Jeffy! You can't call dibs on Grandma!"


"I'd like to introduce you to my second wife, but I'm still stuck with the first one."


Who are these shadowy men in #1 haggling over reservations made for the enormous and apparently oblivious grandmother? The guy speaking seems to currently be in possession of 8-Foot Grandma (yes, use it as the name for your new rock band) and he's scolding the other guy. Is it his brother? Cousin? And why are they so competitive to obtain 8-Foot Grandma? Band name can be abbreviated to 8FG.

Down below, we have a choice. If we are to buy into the characters of Family Circus, Jeffy has apparently announced, smugly, that Grandma is his second wife, much to the consternation of Dolly who just can't keep up in this dysfunctional game that's being played. She's still stuck with her first wife. Is it Mommy? We don't know. We don't want to. The other option is to toss out all we know about the family, in which case we just have a boy who enjoys sitting with an eyeball-less elderly woman while an angry girl protests her own futile efforts at multiple marriage.

Tough call. Most disturbing, of course, is the continued teeniness of Jeffy. Or is #2's eyeball-less woman just another example of an 8FG?


Andy Joe said...

I am honored to put #2 in a 50% tie. Happy 48 hours til the NBA Draft. Who will be the next Yinka Dare?!

Scott Chicken said...

Sonics better draft 8 Foot Grandma, 'cause she can totally dunk on those other cumpz. And she makes a mean hot chocolate.