Monday, December 21, 2009

It's been three months

since I posted something on here.

I don't know why I stopped. It's not like I've been all that busy. Well, you know, three kids and a job and all but still.

I think I found that Twitter and Facebook were more responsive blogging platforms. See, I don't make any money off this blog, never have, and it's existed mostly as a way to share my thoughts and keep the writing in shape.

But look, I've never been one for keeping a journal. I write for an audience, I write to be heard. Dates back to my acting days where I needed to be in a show in order to feel validated, then it went to radio where I wasn't content to be a producer behind the scenes. Facebook and Twitter give me much more of that feeling, you get responses from people in real time.

I'm hesitant to give this site up. I mean, why give it up when it's free, right? But at the moment it's not a platform I'm gravitating toward.

Oh well, check back in a while, maybe I'll flood it with posts.