Monday, June 04, 2007

I've Never Met Tom Lennon

but I know four things about him:

1. He plays Lt. Dangle, the short-shorts wearing cop on Reno 911
2. He was a high school classmate of my beloved wife's
3. He co-wrote Night at the Museum, a movie I rented for the kids last night
4. He's sly.

In the film, a good movie by the way, Ben Stiller, as Larry, the new night watchman, is confronted by Ricky Gervais, playing his boss, Mr. McPhee. And the writers give us a little instructive bit of dialogue on the differences between Mr. Stiller and Mr. Gervais.

Mr. McPhee: Oh, haha - look at me, the comedy night guard. Do you want to get into a battle of humor? Do you?
Larry: Um, no. No I don't want to get into a battle of humor.
Mr. McPhee: That's right, because it would be a bloodbath.

It would be. And it is.

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