Friday, August 11, 2006

Public Radio History to be Made

It's the most awesomest lineup ever. Today, on some show at some radio station where I work, the lineup is this:

1. The Long Winters play live and I interview them
2. Tommy Chong shows up and talks to Dave Beck
3. Movie reviews!
This Will Make You Want to Buy the Book... or NEVER Buy The Book

(I know it seems like I've turned into a book promotional machine lately but honestly it's necessarily consumed almost all of my brain).

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What You Do

When your wife has a killer migraine and is getting some much needed sleep, when your kids were up til 10 and then sleep late, when you had to get some radio writing done and woke up at 5:30 unable to go back to sleep, here's what you do: you finish the radio writing by 6:30, you read the paper for 20 minutes, then you realize that you should be promoting your book more so you get on MySpace and invite lots of people to be your friends. So here's what idle time yields: craven neediness. The lesson? Either sleep in, get your kids to bed earlier, or cure migraines.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Book Has A Cover!

Well, it's been working toward having one for a while. But now it really does. It's on Amazon. I'm relieved/excited/wonderstruck. The itty-bitty blurb at the top, in case you can't read it, is from John Hodgman, Former Professional Literary Agent, and better known today as author of The Areas of My Expertise, a regular on The Daily Show, and, in commercials that play every four seconds, a PC.

You can buy the book here if you want. Lovely gift and all that. And it has jokes.


A Conversation with Charlie (Age 5) About Preferences

HIM: Dad, who's your favorite in Looney Tunes?
ME: Daffy Duck. He's the most crass.
HIM: What's that mean?
ME: Oh, I just like how he rages against the world. It's funny.
HIM: I like Bugs Bunny. You know why?
ME: No. Why?
HIM: He has the most plans.
ME: The most plans? Like what kind of plans?
HIM: He's always tricking people and making jokes. And he always has these wonderful plans for how to do everything.
A Conversation with Charlie (Age 5) About the Situation in Lebanon

(we're in the car and the top of the hour NPR news comes on. I scramble to turn down the volume on the lead story but accidentally turn it up instead)

RADIO: Eight people were killed today, their bodies found hours afterw (CLICK)
HIM: Whew! That's good!
ME: What's good?
HIM: That only eight people got killed.
ME: That's good?
HIM: Well, it could have been a lot more. Like hundreds!