Friday, July 14, 2006

At Starbucks this morning, waiting in line

BARISTA: What do you have planned this weekend?
CUSTOMER 1: Oh, just getting stuff done around the house.
BARISTA: Cool. Gotta do that. Have a good day. (then to new customer) That'll be $3.29. What's your weekend like?
CUSTOMER 2: I'm going to this big arts festival in Vancouver.
BARISTA: Awesome. There's your change. (then to me) Tall drip, that's a dollar fifty three. What are you doing this weekend.
ME: Tri-state killing spree.
BARISTA: Ha. Okay.

Actually it's not technically a killing spree. Technically it's a Federal Way High School class reunion.


Anonymous said...

Was it a "that's a clever comment!" ha or more like "if you come closer I'll scream" ha?

john said...

Kind of a little in between. I don't know why I feel such a need to wage war on perky but it just ends up happening that way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, perky seems to imply the willingness to be jovial and engage in banter but then you come with some high caliber banter like that and the happy facade of perky just crumbles right before your eyes. It can be despairing.