Friday, July 28, 2006

Little to Say

Haven't updated much lately. Sorry about that.

Been having some tribulations that have caused me to smack head against table. Won't go into it here but everyone's fine, everything's fine, all will be fine, but man it was, as Charlie (Age 5) would say, FUSStrating. But now it's good. Buy me a cup of coffee some time and I'll tell you about it.

A song this morning by Charlie (Age 5):

Oh, imagination is stupid
Imagination is stupid
Imagining things is dumb and a waste of time
Imagination! IS! DUMB!

(Make up some random melody. He did.)


Kate said...

Sorry about the fusstration. Thanks for sharing Charlie's song. Sometimes you just need a five-year-old to remind you of your priorities. Since I don't have one of my own, I appreciate you sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

This is now CK's favorite song. He sings it all day long. Thanks!