Thursday, July 13, 2006

How Is Your Book Going?

My friends, my book is gone. I think so, anyway. Today I put it all in an envelope and sent it off to New York after spending the last couple of weeks combing through it for typos (and finding plenty). Meanwhile, a real professional proofreader is doing the same. I also changed a chapter subtitle that made no sense and demanded (well, okay, requested) numbers for the footnotes instead of asterisks.

I believe that this was the last I get to monkey with it until it's published. Not that I really understand the process completely.

Then I went and bought a Hershey bar. Not sure why. Tomorrow I go to my high school reunion.

Available for pre-order.

Oh, and there's another Pop-Song Correspondence up at McSweeney's.

Also, the organization named 826 Seattle is worth supporting for many reasons (they teach kids to write being the hugest). But one of the lesser-known and crucial reasons is this: I dropped by today to pick up my tickets to this huge Bumbershoot thing they're doing (Eggers, Vowell, Hodgman, Merritt, Coulton, Snicket) and the lady working there says, "Okay, you've got two tickets..." and trails off a bit.

"To paradise?" I asked.

And without missing a beat, she says "Pack your bags! You leave tonight!"

They know kids, they know writing, and they know Eddie Money.

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