Thursday, July 20, 2006


Okay, so the most brilliant sitcom you're likely to see in a while can be found at YouTube. Everyone's watching it. It's called Nobody's Watching (see the pilot in three installments: 1, 2, 3). It's scripted. The concept is this: two high school pals love sitcoms, they send a video of themselves to the WB asking for jobs, the WB moves them to LA to make a sitcom but they make them live on a sitcom set and have a studio audience in place at all times, the guys then must make a pilot. It's funny as hell. Anyway, the pilot (real) was not picked up by the WB, sending the show to purgatory. Now it's on YouTube and is so popular that it's being seen by everyone. And it's really funny.

It got me thinking. What if my life is a big sitcom? And it's all being filmed? Like in the Truman Show?

Evidence to back up theory:
1. I work in a radio station, popular sitcom setting.
2. I have adorable wisecracking kids.
3. Guest stars seem to drop by (in the last few weeks I've talked with David Cross and Lewis Black)
4. I'm fond of making jokes.

Evidence to cast theory into doubt:
1. My issues are generally not resolved.
2. No laugh track, as far as I know.
3. Co-workers are fairly homogenous; I don't have the stuffy one, the sleazy one, the oversexed one, the stupid one. They're all normal smart people who quietly go about their business.

Still, maybe it's like an artsy sitcom. Like a new kind of sitcom. And it's certainly not a drama, a reality show, or a news program. Like a sitcom on the Sundance Channel where no one actually laughs.

So let me ask you this: if you're life was a TV show, what kind of show would it be?


Anonymous said...

"So let me ask you this: if you're life was a TV show, what kind of show would it be?"

A test pattern?

Scott Chicken said...

Hmm...mine would be a rerun of "Dukes of Hazard", probably the one where the Duke boys get in a spot of trouble and have to jump across a crick or something to get away from Roscoe. Either that or the "Happy Days" when Fonzie jumped the shark.

Oh, and it looks like NBC might pick up Nobody's Watching.