Saturday, April 26, 2008

Me and my impossible to avoidedness

Ways you can load up on more me than you'll ever need.
1. I hosted Weekend America today. I talked to the 2007 Mr. Irrelevant and chronicled a cross country drive with my hamster.
2. I was recently a guest on The Sound of Young America, talking to both Jesse Thorn the host and also to young america. It's in the archives. Hunt. If you want. If you don't know about this radio program, please learn.
3. Twitter. I twitter. When I remember. And I keep getting new subscribers. These are people who want access to brief things I say. You can evidently be one of these people. Although honestly between the blog, Facebook, various freelance writing and, well, MY RADIO JOB, I'm running out of things to say. Like a while ago.
4. The Seattle Times asked me to write a breakup letter to Seattle. I did. I've never been paid to break up with someone before.
5. We're home most nights. Come by!

UPDATE: My breakup letter to Seattle is presently the #1 most e-mailed and #3 most read article at This means that torrents of hate mail and angry letters to the editor are about to come gushing forth. And yes, it bears some resemblance to a blog posting of a while back.



Jennifer said...

This breakup letter is dated today but I'm having deja vu. Did you write this earlier? Might I have seen a draft somewhere? Weird!

Anonymous said...

My, you seem to have a burr up your *** about the Viaduct! I'll miss it when it's gone. Can't wait to hear what the hate mail is like! You'll give us some nice outtakes, won't you?

Anonymous said...

I liked the first version better.

Matthew said...

+120 points for the Joey Cora reference.

Suzanne said...

I really love that letter. I am glad they printed it.

Yes! Please share all hate mail, please! I get lots of hate mail (comments) and they are always good for a laugh--as soon as I am done being crushed by them that is.