Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Playoffs start tonight!

In St Paul! With the Minnesota Wild taking on the Colorado Avalanche! I hope that Lemaire has his boys ready and that Gaborik and Demitra really come through. And...that they all skate...good. Also that whoever is the guy in front of able to catch

Still trying to adjust.



Scott Chicken said...

Honestly, you had to check the paper twice to spell Gaborik correctly, didn't you?

And at least you have a sports team in the playoffs...all we have is the Sonics doing their impression of the Cleveland Indians in "Major League" (only without either Euker or a chance of winning) and the Mariners, who spent a bunch of money and traded away Adam Jones so they could be swept by the Orioles.

But hey, at least they let the fans vote and named the MLS team "Seattle Sounders FC". That will sound totally awesome when THEY move to Oklahoma City in 2017...

Tina Rowley said...

No, no, that sounds totally hockey. Total hockey talk. I've seen hockey somewhere. You're good, I think. Take that show on the road.

Also, I think you're supposed to hope they fight.