Friday, April 18, 2008

Bonus Coverage

I stopped blogging the thoughts of Charlie (Age 7) a while ago. But I am powerless to stop myself from posting the conversation of this morning.

HIM: Dad, do you believe in heaven?
ME: Well, I don't know. I've seen no proof for or against it.
HIM: But I don't believe in the other place. The devil place. It doesn't make sense. Why would the devil want to torture people he supported before?
ME: Good question.
HIM: And who's in charge of heaven?
ME: God. That's what they say.
HIM: I don't think He is in charge because He has too much other stuff to do.
ME: So he's in more of an executive position and someone else runs the day to day operations of heaven?
HIM: Yeah. I think a fairy, probably.
JILL: Female or male?
HIM: Male fairy. And what do you think heaven's like?
ME: No idea.
HIM: I hope it's not old fashioned girl stuff. Like, I don't know, unicorns and beautiful peacocks and flamingos in tutus.

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Christopher said...

That is what we all hope as well, Charlie.

If Heaven DOES exist, it should be nothing but bowling alleys, outdoor BBQ's, co-ed pick-up flag football, picnics on the grassy knolls looking down on the concert bandstand, and beer gardens - lots and lots of beer gardens everywhere you look.

Scott Chicken said...

I'm with Chris. The unicorns and flamingoes can stay, though...I hear they taste like Kobe beef and free range chicken.

Anonymous said...

Why have you stopped writing about conversations with Charlie?!? We love them. He has lots of entertaining things to say (whether or not he intends it that way).

Tina Rowley said...

Well, now I'm going to be pissed if there AREN'T unicorns and beautiful peacocks and flamingos in tutus. Expectations have been set.

Except two of those things are giant birds. Maybe I'm hoping that there is a hell and that's it.

Now, though, I want to think about what I would like to demand out of heaven. Because what if all along, the secret has been that you get the exact heaven you want, but you have to call it first?! You'd be so pissed if you never took the time to work it out. Maybe the unicorns, etc. are the default heaven for people who didn't work it out beforehand.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments are the same as Jane's. More Charlie!