Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Over You

We know who we're on to, we know who we have no quarrel with. But those both exist in the realm of absolutes: I never loved those which I was on to; I always loved those with whom I had no quarrel (imperfect grammar, sorry public radio listeners).

Lately, I've been thinking about a different category. I'm Over You. As in you've worn off. The power you once had over me as ebbed. There was love or fondness but it has gone away. The magic is gone. It used to be love but it's over now. I freely admit our infatuation but somehow things went aclunk. Happens.

So for me:

- I'm over you, The Strokes. We had good times but I got older and I don't understand you anymore.
- Not sure it will last, but I don't feel the same about you lately, Orange Juice. Uh...sorry?
- I still have tremendous respect for you, The Decemberists, but I think you wore off a little. Sing, sing, panoply, martinet, supplicant, consumptive, etc. I'll listen still but it's not like it was.
- My Name Is Earl? I'm afraid your name is Over You. Loved the show, caught it every week, but haven't in quite some time. Is it still on?
- Hats: I'm over you.
- General Interest Magazines? It's not you, it's me. We go way back and everything.
- And you, Crosby, Stills, & Nash. Sorry. I respect you but just, God, no more, don't sing anymore to me.
- I'm over you, Starbucks, and that really surprises me because we were once so close. I always defended your coffee but maybe the Schultz/Sonics thing finally got to me. And laying off my friends.

Where once was love and fondness, what/who are you now over? Do share.



Lindsay Katai said...

I'm over you, Peanut Butter. I don't want to be, but I am. It's been 26 years and the magic is gone.

Sornie said...

I agree with the Strokes and My Name is Earl. The Strokes may or may not even be a band anymore and Earl is just plain played out.

As for me, I'm totally over Little Debbie snacks. They've jacked the price up a good forty cents in the past ten years and they are not 34% better.

Noodle said...

I'm totally over pirates. You were cool & roguish & a little bit sexy at one time, but no more.

Noodle said...
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Jennifer said...

I'm over you, Phil Collins. At one time I was really into you, but now I feel nothing for you. Maybe even a little distaste, in fact.

Baseball hats, you were my main squeeze for quite some time, but now, well, I seem to be over you. Every once in a while I let you come along for the ride, but it's not the same and I think we both know it.

Baseball...and I am sorry, John. I know you are still pretty hot and heavy with it. But I used to spend countless hours watching or listening to games and now I can't even tell you who is on the Mariners save the big names.

Agen said...

I'm over you, Cable TV. I used to have the full-meal deal, but then I got busy with life (freelance work, kid, house addition) and realized that I didn't have time for you and thus didn't need to pay $100 a month.

Now, I'm quite happy buying the Lost and the occasional CSI from iTunes, watching Amazing Race on the CBS website, downloading Rachel Maddow podcasts, and searching the interwebs for Chelsea soccer highlights. Yes, you offered all those things to me and much more with one single remote. But I really didn't need that much more.

Suzanne said...

I'm over you, reality TV. Once I was enthralled with Survivor and watching our hapless castaways suffer and drop pounds, but now they are too whiney and well fed. The challenges? Each season the same. And no one can ever truly take the lead in Amazing Race. I don't believe a television contest will net anyone a True Love.

We are so done.

Christopher said...

I am SO over you Income Tax Season. It was a fun ride, but you know what? You can just stick a fork in me and turn me over, 'cause I am done!

I am also over you "Spring that feels like Winter". If I had wanted MORE sub-40 temps, I've have kept going steady with February. But, I'm with April now, and you just need to pull yourself together, and get over it.

Jane said...

Chris, you just show up everywhere these days!

Video games, I am so over you. You wasted a lot of good hours of my 30's.

kbow said...

I thought we could be productive together but it's been a year and I'm over you, ineffective, middle manager and your mantra of "visibility". What you're doing is not "visible" at all, otherwise everyone would "see" that you don't really do anything.