Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I have a sort of laptop Tivo at home. By that I mean I have Hulu. I tend to watch my fave shows a day or two late on the laptop. A few years back, I rented some DVDs of Entourage because I had heard good things. It was fun but I stopped watching after a while since it didn't seem to be going anywhere and I just didn't buy the idea of Vincent as a movie star. I was even surprised it was still on the air when I found out it won a freaking Peabody award. The, THEN, I learn today that President Obama is obsessed with the show and never misses an episode. PLANS HIS DAY around it.

But even more intriguing, I learn that Obama's favorite character on The Wire is the same as my favorite character: Omar. Not because Omar is a great guy, he's not, but he's one of the more fascinating characters ever to be on a television show. As tremendous as The Wire is, I always lean in a little closer when Omar is on the screen. Does the president eat Honey Nut Cheerios when he watches?



Conner said...

This just made my day. Omar is one of my favorite characters from any show. He's intriguing and even when an episode was boring me, once Omar made an appearance I was golden.

MintyJ said...

I still occasionally have that dream where I try to hide Omar in plain sight by convincing the pastor of my Catholic school / church to let him stay at the church and be an altar boy. This is such a stupid idea on so many levels.