Friday, April 03, 2009

Frank Black

Here's the lead singer of The Pixies in a 1989 Dutch television interview talking about his song writing process. Pay special attention to (or skip to) the part about 2:50 in when he describes how the lyrics are the last thing to come to a song, it's only after the sound and structure are well established. And it's true! He's describing his process for Doolittle, an album I love more than I can adequately relate for its crushing beauty.

Also, pay attention to the later parts of the interview - and I do hope you watch the whole thing - because he has such honest, intelligent humility. He just wants to make good enough records that people years later will slap him on the back and say hey, you made a good record. You made more than that, Black Francis.

(found via kottke)



matthew said...

I've never been able to justify his musical and lyrical sensibilities with the fact that he lives in Eugene, Oregon with a wife and child. It's just.... incongruous. If you don't yet have Bluefinger, you might want to check it out. It has some of the guts of the late eighties stuff.

arajane said...

oh boy, this just increased my frank black crush tenfold. his genuine enthusiasm about rock & rock is infectious!