Friday, April 03, 2009

I went to the doctor and guess what he told me

No nothing about having fun. But plenty about Boston Legal.

We had wrapped up the medical end of our appointment and he brought up an episode of the popular dramacomesomething that he enjoyed where Denny and Alan are fishing in Alaska and meet some other lawyers. Then they go to see this court case and they decide to wear wigs because it's Canada. "Oh that's right, it was in Canada, I guess, not Alaska," said the doctor. And the doctor goes on and on, maybe for ten minutes, about this episode as I wait for how this relates to the whole "me being here" thing. But after a while, I realized I was just caught in a room with a, perhaps, somewhat lonely doctor who reeeeeally loves that Boston Legal show. Just a man who sincerely enjoys Spader and Shatner. Good actors those guys. Funny show.



Glenn Fleishman said...

I like Fonzi.

*Extra points for reference.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I told my dentis I was a software guy he quizzed me for several minutes about what it would take to make sort of Star Wars simulation of the laser guns with the swing-and-tilt seats.
Forever after I pictured him late in the evening after everyone else in the office had left, swinging around in the dental chair, going "pow-pow-pow." He might even enhance it by strapping-on the Darth Nitrous mask and inhaling himself into deep space. "Luke, I am your Dentist."


Tara Zeigler said...

Aww, that's cute. Very nice of you to site and listen, anyway.

A. Skretta said...

I recently read in the newspaper that my doctor turned himself in for sexual abuse of a patient. Greeaat.