Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Song from Kate (Age 5)

From down the hallway, we hear Kate (who is a dwarf) singing a new song to herself.

ME: What's that song you're singing, Kate?

KATE: It's about dwarfs! But it's like "George of the Jungle". Goes like this!

"Dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs dwarfs dwarfs dwarfs.



ME: "Watch out for that dwarf"?

KATE: No! "Watch out for that tree, dwarfs!"

Yep. Watch out for that tree, dwarfs.


Anonymous said...

She sounds fabulous! And well-adjusted.

MintyJ said...

well, *that's* the best cartoon song re-write ever.

Anonymous said...

THAT is an AWESOME song!!! Maybe play it next time you have a reunion with your Chicken band.

Tina Rowley said...

Stop it, awesomeness! Are you trying to kill me? Watch out for that awesomeness, tree.