Saturday, October 27, 2007

30 Second Tales of Terror

So we were trying to come up with Halloween ideas for Weekend America. I suggested horror stories that were 30 seconds or less. Because honestly, who has the time to listen to the...footsteps...getting...closer? My story, Zombie Cat, and others by writers like Neil Gaiman(!) can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I've just read the stories, via Neil Gaiman's blog, and Zombie Cat is my absolute favorite. I loved it, so I just wanted to tell you so, and say hi as well :-)

Anonymous said...

By the way I am aware that I sounded like a 15-year-old fangirl in that last comment. It was the smiley that did it, I think. Sorry. So I'm going to have another go, with the proper amount of coolness attached:

Cool story. Cheers!

jenianddean said...

I have to echo Nicky's comment, minus the 15-year-old fangirl part.