Thursday, January 18, 2007

How You Know When You Took The Right Job

So I start Monday at my new job. I was down in Los Angeles on Monday for a meeting and saw the big board of possible stories. One of them was "Van Halen 3rd Singer".
"You're interviewing Gary Cherone?!" I asked.
"We want to," my new boss told me.
I've come to the right place.

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Amanda from Georgia said...

Hello John,

I want to wish the best with Weekend America. I listen to the show occasionally while running errands, but I always listen via Podcast. I enjoy your segments ... and your blog...and the Pop Song Correspondences. My friends agree that your letter to Axl Rose is the greatest piece of literature created in this millennium.

I must sound like a weird stalker. I'm just a normal person who lives in Michigan and loves NPR podcasts.