Monday, January 22, 2007

Goldilocks and the 3 Lions by Charlie (age 6) (part one of a series)

Once there was a little girl named Goldilocks. Her house only had one thing: a fireplace that only lit up for one second. It was very boring.

She walked and walked until she got to Africa. She found two of the biggest trees to rest under. She rested for hours and hours.

She found herself on a table on a plate. She had a feeling she was being watched.

She was being watched by 3 lions. It was very frightening. The rope was so tight she couldn't even move a millimeter.

They quickly divided her into 11 pieces and put them on the the table and ate her all up.

The end! (gulp!)

Coming soon: Goldilocks and the 3 Tigers!


scouter573 said...

OK, I have to ask: how do three lions share 11 pieces of Goldilocks?
Harder: Without arguing about it?

Tina Rowley said...

Paragraph three really ramps it up, doesn't it? And the subtle, sudden introduction of the rope in paragraph four is brilliant.

Three lions, eleven pieces. That leaves it open for a sequel, I think. At least one lion is getting the shaft.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job, John. You've come a long way from eCards! Look up Miriam in Laguna Niguel while you're down there. I hear she's married to a surfer-philosopher... or was it a musician-physicist?