Monday, January 08, 2007

A Conversation About Music with Charlie (age 6)

(we're in a pickup truck, waiting our turn to drop off a load at the dump and we're listening to "Superman" by R.E.M.)

HIM: This song is about freedom.
ME: What? It is?
HIM: Yeah. Well, he says "I am, I am, I am Superman and I can do anything". It's about being free.
ME: Oh. Yeah. I guess it is.

I had always thought it was about Superman. Charlie spent the rest of the day singing the song but changed the lyrics to "Pooperman" because it's funnier that way.


Scott Chicken said...

Dang, if they'd recorded it as "Pooperman" they would have been inducted in to the hall of fame 10 years earlier, rules or no rules!

Christopher said...

Geez, now the kid has a burgeoning career as a rock critic - he's going to have a really tough time when the AP councillors get their grubby hands on him in about 12 years or so.

Tom Dougherty said...

Another excellent Charlie anecdote. That kid's taking over the blog!