Friday, May 12, 2006

A Troubling Realization

So I was at the circus school last night with Charlie (Age 5), he takes a rudimentary acrobatics/jumping around class there in preparation for his future career as an itinerant entertainer (or, failing that, carny). And I noticed they had a big butcher paper sign with a thermometer that represented their fundraising efforts being slowly colored in. I realized that I see these signs Everywhere. I. Go.

Almost all of the major institutions in my life involve fundraising:

* Circus school
* the preschool both kids go to
* the YMCA where I exercise and the kids take classes
* public radio where I work
* and, when you think about it, my home since aren't we all fundraisers for ourselves?

I tell you, if Starbucks or Safeway starts holding pledge drives, there will be nothing left.

It makes me wonder if I should be doing something more lucrative with my life.

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susansinclair said...

With so many of us waiting with bated breath to buy your book, you won't need no giant thermometer! (Plus, then there will be the movie rights...and the appearance on The Daily Show...and...)