Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Wonder If This Will Work

Technorati has a constantly updated list of most searched on terms. What if I worked them all into a few sentences?

Lordi! Jesse Macbeth and John Tierney bought a new Macbook? They must have been intrigued by the part in the DaVinci Code where Al Gore Pulls His Punches, and injures Barbaro. But has Jessie Macbeth seen the Dixie Chicks page on MySpace? Regardless, I hope that Madonna can defeat Jack Bauer, who as we all know is fond of driving his Opel while creating a Podcast update on Vista Beta 2. I guess unless we hear from Taylor Hicks and/or Katharine McPhee, we'll never know for sure. (those last two aren't on the list yet but I think it's a safe bet).


Anonymous said...

yes yes it did

Eric G said...

it worked, Nice move :)