Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Action Boys

The largest thing in the life of Charlie (Age 5) right now is superheroes. Their history, morality, occupations, secret identity, it's all very important and must be discussed pretty much all the time. Spiderman, Superman, the Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Batman, all the big ones. But then a few weeks ago, Charlie mentioned how he and the other boys at his preschool like to be Action Boys. Turns out Action Boys are a squadron of superheroes based at the school who more or less spend their life battling the five-year-old girls in their class. Their preferred method for such battles? "We scream and run away from them!" reports Charlie.

Seems simple enough. But the other day, I overheard Charlie in casual conversation with a friend at school:

FRIEND: Yeah, I saw Action Boys on TV yesterday.
CHARLIE: Oh, which one was it?
FRIEND: It was when Action Boys battled the wolf monster. Like a really big wolf monster guy.
CHARLIE: Was I in that one?
FRIEND: I can't remember. Which one are you?
CHARLIE: I'm the red one. I'm the most powerfulest one.
FRIEND: Well, I know I was in it. I'm the turquoise Action Boy. I don't know if you were in it.
CHARLIE: I think so. I think I was in that one.
HIM: I think I'm the most powerfulest one.
CHARLIE: No, I think you're the fastest. The turquoise one is the fastest.
HIM: Oh.
CHARLIE: Was that episode three you saw?
HIM: Yes.

Turns out there are twelve episodes of Action Boys. And, of course, no there aren't. Charlie and his friends have imagined not just superhero pretend-play indentities, but ones that are fully licensed, serialized, and episodic. And dedicated to the cause of fighting girls by running from them while screaming.


I totally want a t-shirt. Can someone design a logo?

Update!: Someone did! A big shout out to the Kansas City Roller Warriors!


Scott Chicken said...

I nominate Becky. But only after she's done with the Chicken Starship logo.

And can we do the theme song? I've always wanted to do a theme song...

John said...

Can you imagine all the spin offs and merchandise?

Action Boys! The summer hit of 2006.

Scott Chicken said...

Sweet logo. Get them to do one for the mighty Starship. 'cause the one Joe and I made blows. And it's not really a logo, it's a font.

Anonymous said...

John - Reading from So Cal - Seems a theme with the 5 year olds. Luciana has assigned everyone in the family a power - Luciana - Lighting Girl, Eva - Grass girl, Enzo - Ocean Boy, Tupper - Fire Girl, Emily - Fruit Girl. Pretty mighty bunch.

Anonymous said...

Yay Richie Toast- designer par excellance for the KC Roller Warriors! Love you, love your work!!!! xoxox Laurel