Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm Not Actually Dead

Just blogging like it.

Kate (Age 3) was playing with a fuzzy pen I got her.
ME: Do you know where I got that?
HER: Yeah! Ballet!
ME: What? Ballet?
HER: You went to ballet!
ME: No no. I went to L.A.
HER: L.A.?
ME: Yeah, there's a big difference, actually. I don't think I would have gone to ballet for five days.

But I did go to L.A. for five days, filling in hosting on Weekend America. You can hear the show here. Highlights of the week included meeting the creators of the most awesomest pilot in the world, Heat Vision and Jack. And also unleashing Kate (Age 3) and Charlie (Age 5) upon the world, along with some of their classmates and teachers. They put me up at the semi-swanky Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Ballet. It's big and circular and seen in tons of movies, notable True Lies. In the evenings, I sat around and watched cable TV. In the day I made radio.

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susansinclair said...

I like the idea of a balletic LA--people dancing through the streets, jete-ing to their cars, gracefully extending an arm to wave others through...

Yes, it would be a sweeter place. Pretentious and annoying, but sweeter.