Friday, January 27, 2006

I Thought I Was Just In The Seattle Post-Intelligencer...

but now the story is in MSNBC as well. A look at how unenthused Seattle fans seem to be about this whole Super Bowl Extra Large thing. And yeah, the Seattle paper (one of them) is really named the Post-Intelligencer.

My part:

Even sports fans not typically given to the cosmic are struggling to come up with reasons for Seattle's pleased but restrained response. John Moe, a radio talk show host and lifelong Hawks fan, blames disharmony in the stars. He devoted his Monday night show on KUOW-FM to a metaphysical exploration of the question, "Do Sports Matter?"

"We are in a tumultuous universe now -- a world that no longer makes sense -- because if you're a Seahawks fan, you don't understand this territory," he said in an interview.

"In Seattle, sports seasons don't end this way. They end in disappointment. So it's kind of like falling off a ladder and suddenly being able to fly.

"Also, I'm Scandinavian, and we tend to see joy as a postponement of sorrow."


Scott Chicken said...

I think you nailed the key reason, the general disaster of Seattle sports. I was too young when the Sonics won to get caught up in the hoopla, although I remember being happy and hearing people honking a lot. But then, I was what, 10? Now, 30 odd years later I'm at a loss.

I was happy they won last week, but I think I was happier the week before when they beat Washington. See, "win a playoff game" is something I can relate to, since I saw the M's win a few back in '95. But then comes the fall: win the first round, lose in the second. But we didn't. And now there's no frame of reference, other than the Sonics (again), who are now what, 50-50 in NBA finals?

If they pull it off in the February game (yes, I'm still almost too superstitious to say the SB words) then I'll REALLY not know what to do. Other than wear my insanely loud Seahawks Hawaiian shirt to work on Monday. And grin a lot...

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