Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dear Ben Folds,

We both know, I think, that my daughter Kate was at least partially named after your song of the same name. My wife and I only figured that out long after she was born (one of our favorite songs, the name seemed to come to us spontaneously) but perhaps you knew all along. Sure, our Kate has some differences with yours (our Kate never hands out the Bhagavad Gita, doesn't smoke pot, cannot play Wipeout on the drums, gets wet) but also some similarities (when all words fail she speaks, squirrels and birds are frequently spotted nearby).

But none of this explains what happened last night. Our Kate spotted your CD "Whatever and Ever Amen", the one with the song "Kate" on it, not the case mind you, just the disc itself, which has no track listings on it at all. And she pointed at it and said "Look Dad! It's meeeeeee!"

So my question is this: have you been secretly contacting her?

Just wondering. Keep up the good work,

Kate's Dad

Update: Apparently Kate's mom tipped her off to the whole thing earlier in the day. You're off the hook, Folds. For now.


Scott Chicken said...

Perhaps he's reaching her through the cats, and that the only way to stop the voice of Ben Folds is to stick the cat's head in the oven. That might explain the exhuberance of Cat #2...

BHodges said...

Folds is a great musician. Whenever I meet a Kate, I ask if she's heard the song.