Monday, January 30, 2006

Turns Out You Don't Have To Be Quite Published To Be An Expert On Books

I'm in today's New York Daily News talking about the trend of books where people go do crazy things and then write about them. This is because I have written a book where I do crazy things. I have written about them.

The me part:
So what's the lure of the contrived life?

"I've read a lot of traditional memoirs by people in their 20s, and so much is like ordinary life," says Seattle writer John Moe, who just finished writing "Conservatize Me," to be published this fall by William Morrow. In a variation on the fast-food documentary "Supersize Me," Moe spent last summer in a blue wool suit ingesting nothing but red-state culture.

"These books represent a possibilityof life, and that's what's so intriguing," he says. "It's not the life you would originally lead, but the life you can imagine."

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