Friday, January 06, 2006

An Almost Brush With The Law

This morning, coming across the Aurora Bridge, heading north, I might as well have been early-career not-quite-as-creepy Burt Reynolds for all my law flouting. I was not wearing a seatbelt, I was probably speeding, and, in a move I'm especially ashamed of, I was wearing an iPod. Recently the faceplate of my car stereo was stolen (just the faceplate, not the stereo, hinting at a robber who just wants to hassle me) and so usually I'm left alone with my thoughts. But there was this one song I really wanted to hear so I put on the headphones.

Then I saw the motorcycle cop with a radar gun. I hastily pulled off the headphones and fumbled for the seatbelt just as he was watching me (smooooth, Moe). But instead of justifiably switching on the lights and nailing me, he let me drive on by.

An hour later, I realized how disastrous it would have been had I been taken from the car and searched. There's this girl in my family who has been potty training. I had just dropped her off at preschool but forgot to leave all her extra supplies with her. So in my pocket, yep, little girls' underpants.

I figure with all those factors together, state pen for a year. Easy.


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Tina Rowley said...


If this happens again, take care at the sandal bin of prison to find your correct size.