Friday, January 09, 2009

Strange and Sweet

Brent Barry is one of the more interesting guys playing in the NBA. He used to play for the Sonics and developed a real attachment to the city, living a very public life there. Here he writes, uh, a poem. About a team he no longer plays for and that doesn't exist.

I can't help but sit here and think of what this means,
For the fans in the city of Seattle and what seemed to be routine.
Like a ferry ride to Bremerton or fresh salmon from old Pike Place,
A cup of joe while on the go, crossing bridges at a snails pace.
But this season there is silence, a reason not to cheer,
The balls have all stopped bouncing and the Sonics are not here.
Now life has more to offer us than just a doctor's game,
But for most of you, and it includes me too, Let me remind you of some names...

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Anonymous said...

Aw. That's sort of touching. Good ol' Brent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'm a Seattleite living in..well, Seattle. But my husband is from the Twin Cities and his mother sent along your blog to give him.. I don't know, his mirror image? He's a Minnesotan living in Seattle :D) I think maybe, she wanted me to know that Seattleites can survive the winter in MN. :D) Anyway, I'm a lifelong Sonics fan and enjoyed your post. Thanks!