Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Conversation with Jill (age undisclosed) From the Past, About the Future

October 2006, I'm on book tour and call home one night at about 10:30 local time.

ME: So did the kids go down okay?
HER: Kate did but Charlie's still up.
ME: What's he doing up so late?
HER: Well, I was watching Oprah and he came downstairs. And Barack Obama was on. Then Charlie wanted to know who this guy was and I said he's a politician and he might run for president one day.
ME: So Oprah is on now?
HER: No, Oprah was on a few hours ago but Charlie's so excited about the idea of Barack Obama being president instead of Bush that now he just can't go to sleep. He keeps dancing around the room singing this Barack Obama song he just made up.

Still singing that dang song, too.


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Emily said...

dear mr. moe,
please post video.