Friday, January 16, 2009

One of us one of us one of us

They're on to you, John Moe.

In a recent post, I talked about how Minnesotans are obsessed with weather and talk about it constantly.

It was swiftly pointed out that in the midst of observing this, I was obviously obsessed with weather and talked about it constantly.

Fair play. I will now accept this and revel in it.

1. Minus 20 this morning.
2. Minus 22 yesterday morning.
3. A tip in one of those parenting newsletters: blow soap bubbles with your kids and watch them freeze in mid-air. The bubbles, not the kids.
4. Nose hairs freeze and crystallize.
5. A couple at the Walgreen's was discussing which contact lens products would mitigate the risk of the lenses fusing to one's eyeballs.
6. Around here they call that "Minnesota Lasik".
7. It's terrifying, that cold.
8. It's also kind of funny. It's just so ridiculously cold, coldest around here in over five years by the way, that you just get amused.
9. You also wonder what would happen if the furnace stopped working and then the car wouldn't start and then the wolves came for you.
10. It's supposed to get into the pluses today. Possibly even breaking the freezing barrier early next week.
11. St Paul restaurants often have patios. I thought this was a bit silly for a while as the patios are often just some crappy tables out on the sidewalk where you eat your food as cars drive right by. I will not mock these patios again. I will fling myself upon the first table as soon as it is rolled out.
12. They have to replace Tavaris.



scottsimpson said...

Re: nose hairs: I went to college in Minnesota, and the really-cold line for me (which I think was around +5) was when your nose hairs froze. It was a definitive demoralizer in a way that tiny numbers on a thermometer never were.

Now please excuse me as I decide whether to wear a short- or long-sleeve T-shirt to work today...

Ed Kohler said...

Oh man, what's next? An unhealthy obsession with Jucy Lucy burgers?

Anonymous said...

just wait until you get into the -30s and realize you no longer have to clarify to your foreign friends C or F!

Kate said...

That just makes me want to cry. Seriously. I am glad that your sense of humor has not frozen!