Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Final Voyage of Chicken Starship

On Friday night, there will be a concert. By the most important rock band in the WORLD. It is the final performance of Chicken Starship, a combo I have been fronting for most of the past two presidential administrations.

Oh yes.

The idea is that it's not a farewell show, it's just a pre-reunion show. There will be more shows but just not as many and not for a while.

Chicken Starship has been a wonderful part of my life for many years. Some key points in the history:

1993ish - I am living near Green Lake with Joe and Sean. There is an evening of Beer Theater (self explanatory, no?) coming up and we decide to form a band: Sean and I on wooden spoons and car keys and vocals, Joe on guitar. Band is named Free Range Chickens after a product spotted at Albertson's. And we are Joe Chicken, Sean Chicken, and Little Jackie Chicken (me).
1994-95 - Randy Chicken joins on bass followed by Scott Chicken on drums and Steve Chicken on more guitars. There are amps, there is noise.
Mid to late 90's - Much playing, many bass players, Weird Al comes to see us. Stardom never grasped, never reached.
Very late 90's - Following a wretched gig at a tiny club with a bass player who hates us, we kind of realize it's done. Sean Chicken moves to Bellingham.
2003- Jill Chicken (my wife) secretly arranges a surprise party for my birthday and gets the band back together with a new bass player. It's supposed to be a one night only thing but we realize it's still fun. Also realize that we can approach it like a bowling league with beer and fun and non-sexual male companionship. Band is re-christened Chicken Starship, using the "starship" name to denote bands that should have stayed broken up but ill-advisedly re-formed. I decline Grace Slick style jumpsuit.
2005- Tom Chicken joins on bass. Only took us a decade to find the right bassist.
2007 - I announce my imminent departure to St Paul.

Thus, the prereunion show. Afterwards, there will be adjourning to a bar. Don't know which one.

So come!

Hear hits like Let's Go Camping, I Don't Wanna Die, and Divorced White Male Seeks Anybody.

See the chicken suits!

Meet Charlie (age 7) and Kate (age 5)!


Friday, February 29, 2008
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Seattle Drum School's L.A.B.
12510 15th Ave NE
seattle, WA

Why "Pre-Reunion"? Well, Jack Chicken is moving to Minnesota to be closer to Target, but rather than break up the band we're going to "go on hiatus". So this is our pre-reunion show, since the next one will be an actual reunion. Unless, of course, we replace him with Gary Cherone or something...

Anyhow, we're sending Jack off with a final show at the L.A.B. at Seattle Drum School, up at 15th NE and 125th in Seattle (the address is 12510 15th Ave NE, and the map is here). Relatively easy access from I-5, and while the show is all-ages, there is a tavern about a half mile north on 15th for those of you who can't watch us without getting your drink on.

Kicking off the evening's entertainment are Dapper Jones, a band we've never played with but sound cool, at least based on their MySpace stuff. Kind of a power-pop-punk thing.

It's an early show - 7:00-ish start - and it's a Friday night, so get off work early, come on out, and give Jack Chicken the all-ages sendoff he so richly deserves!

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Scott Chicken said...

Wait...NON-sexual? You mean I could have said "No" to all of Steve's advances? Dammit! Now I feel dirty...