Tuesday, February 05, 2008


In stores today!

Here's the difference between hardback and paperback.
10/06 (hardback release): I'm gearing up for a nationwide tour with several media appearances. There's a release party at The Big Picture.
2/08 (paperback release): I'm getting ready to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow to do a phone interview with some drivetime DJ in Baltimore.
10/06: I'm working at KUOW.
2/08: I'm working for American Public Media.

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Glenn Fleishman said...

10/06: There's still a widespread notion that Republicans can win national elections.

2/08: Republi-whos? Conserva-whats?

10/06: Things in Iraq couldn't get any worse.

2/08: Things in Iraq could get marginally better.

10/06: I have one child.

2/08: I have two children.

At this rate, I'll have a houseful.