Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I might have a chance to be one of them quoted people on the side of Starbucks' cups. They're interested, I'm interested, I've got the form. What ought I to say?

"I wish they had more locations"

"No, please, accept more money for this latte"

"I think the mermaid digs me. No, I mean the older hotter mermaid."



Glenn said...

"Made with fewer rain forest trees than ever!"

susansinclair said...

"I mortgaged my future for this quad venti pumpkin spice latte."

wells said...

"The coffee isn't even that good."

Christopher said...

"For when you DESERVE to treat yourself to a $4 cup of coffee you could make at home for $0.50."

"It's not JUST a Frappucino, it's Type II Diabetes in a clear plastic cup!"

"Coming Soon - Another Starbucks Opening In This Space"

"Just because "Moby Dick" is no longer copywrighted, it doesn't mean we can't sue you for using the word 'Starbuck'."

"Tully's can kiss my shiny, scaley ass!"

Mike said...

"I'm a Siren, damnit!"