Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Conversation With Charlie (Age 5) and Kate (Age 3) About Organized Religion

ME: You guys want to go to church today or go to the Farmer's Market and buy fruit?
KATE: Fruit! Farmer's Market!
KATE: I don't like church!
ME: Why?
KATE: They make me go away with babysitters.
ME: And you want to stay with Mom and Dad.
KATE: Yeah. I love you.
CHARLIE: I don't like church because it doesn't make any sense.
ME: What do you mean?
CHARLIE: All they want to talk about is God and Jesus. And it doesn't make sense. All the stories are just so weird. All day long they talk about that every day. It bugs.
ME: Fruit makes more sense.

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Scott Chicken said...

Clearly Charlie and Logan have more in common than I had suspected...the one time we took him to church (last summer when we had to present a plaque from the Cub Scout Pack to the congregation) his main questions were "what is he talking about?" and "Why do we keep having to stand up?"