Thursday, June 15, 2006

What Would You Ask Douglas Coupland?

I'm interviewing him tonight on stage at something called the Seesound Lounge which is apparently in Seattle. That's provided I find it, of course.

Perhaps this is becoming a series.

Update: The interview was last night. No radio, unfortunately. It was a great time and he was a swell fellow. The club had only one microphone so we had to pass it back and forth, Beastie Boys style. Talked about how we're now in the golden innocent age of Google, the Texaco Star Theater era, and how it's just going to get so much darker from here. Coupland kept getting feedback on the mic while I never did, which is curious because it's the same mic.


Scott Chicken said...

The obvious question is "how does it feel to have labeled a generation / created a new generational naming convention?"

A follow-up would be asking about his thoughts on what spurred the "gen-x" / "slacker" stuff that came out in the early 90s, from his book to Richard Linklater and Kevin Smith's movies, and how (or if) he feels that vibe was corrupted / mainstreamed by the evil powers of big media.

Other than that I got nothin', 'cause I haven't read any of his books since 1992 or so!

John said...

I can't believe I didn't read this post sooner. Coupland is one of my favorite authors. I'm upset with myself now.

Are you going to tell us how the interview went and what was asked etc?