Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Would You Ask Mark Mothersbaugh?

As you may know, I work at some public radio station. On Friday, I'm interviewing Mr. Devo, Mr. Film Scores From All Wes Anderson Movies, Mark Mothersbaugh. I have some ideas what to ask him but thought I'd throw it out there to y'all as well.

Generally in interviews, you pick a focus question and then build it around that. The focus won't be the flower pot hats but that will come up. What else?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about his work with Wes Anderson, specifically. Did WA's choice of, say, British Invasion-era tunes for the "Rushmore" soundtrack influence MM's work on the score? Also, any recent gallery shows for his 2D stuff? Anyone he'd like to work with? I'd like to hear what he and Danny Barnes could come up with.


Sean Nelson said...

ooh! i'm stealing that.

Anonymous said...

I'd ask him: A lot of Devo's initial appeal was in their smart, funny mocking of Reagan-era consumer culture and the excesses of our advertising-saturated society. Now that he's become "respectable," does he feel it's still possible or desirable to Stick It To the Man? Who does he see carrying this torch nowadays?