Monday, June 12, 2006

How Is Your Book Going?

Thanks for asking. Well, there's lots to say. I'll try not to make it tedious.

1. Last week, I went to the post office with a large heavy pile of papers. It was the copyedited version of the book that had been gone through with colored pencil by a copy editor who was savvy enough to notice that apparently I've been mixing up "each other" and "one another" forever because I got it wrong every time. Anyway, then I had to go through the copy editor's notes and make corrections of my own in a different color of pencil and then mail the stack of 310 pages back to them. By mail. There is nothing electronic left in the process. So for $25 I express mailed it all back to NYC where it will now be turned into a "galley", the almost final version that is mailed to reviewers, blurbers, bookstores, and hopefully me. Then I get one last chance to tinker before it becomes a book.

2. I think the book might be very good. Or crap. But I feel better about the former than ever before.

3. Part of it might be appearing in a national publication but I don't know fer sure yet.

4. There will apparently be a website where I have been asked to blog. Not sure if it will be a permanent site where I'll migrate all this or if I'll double blog for a while. Will let you know.

5. We don't know what the cover is to look like. We think we know the subtitle but there may yet be tinkering.

6. I got to write the acknowledgements recently. An amazingly gratifying experience, actually.

7. It's available for pre-order on what is, for the moment, a very lackluster Amazon page.


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