Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It Finally Happened.

You know how you always wonder if you get really high up on the swing, will you go all the way around? Lately, Charlie and Kate have been talking a lot. Like, a LOT. Like, all the time they're talking. And they are young children whose lives consist mostly of their preschool, home, the park, some books they've read, and animated videos. But still they talk, wringing the maximum amount of words out of their minimal experiences. As has been evidenced at this site in the past. But last night in the car, the well finally ran dry but they found a way to...keep...talking...anyway.

KATE: Look! There's the Y!
CHARLIE: That's not the Y!
KATE: There's a monkey outside! I see a monkey!
CHARLIE: There's no monkey!
JILL: What do you see outside, Kate?
KATE: Just cars!
CHARLIE: I have a butt!
KATE: The Y!
CHARLIE: Bla-bla-bla!
KATE: Bla-bla!
CHARLIE: Bla-bla-bla-bla-blaaaaa!
ME: I knew this day would arrive.


John said...

I recently just got done watching my friend's grandson for awhile, and I discovered he knows sign language. He is almost 2 years old, and when I saw him six months ago, babbled consistently. He still does, every so often, but they taught him some sign language. So now, he'll do signs for food, move, up, down, more, less, etc...the talking was cut down by about 5 percent. Which is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I hope you put together a book of conversations soon. Save me a copy. Steve O

The Creative Death said...

Three words for you- 'extra strength tylenol'.