Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Conversation With Family Members (other than Charlie) About Memories

JILL: How come you always write about Charlie in your blog but not about Kate?
ME: Well Kate is so normal. Charlie says all these weird things, you know? And I don't write about the normal stuff or the cute stuff and I'm more interested in the weird. Charlie gives me lots of weird.
JILL: That's true.
KATE (age 3): I...like...to...eat...pee.
JILL: You eat pee?
KATE: Yeah. And poop.
ME: What?
KATE: I eat pee and poop, Daddy.
JILL: What does the pee taste like, Kate?
KATE: My eye.
JILL: And how about the poop?
KATE: Hmm...foot.
JILL: So that's going in the blog?
ME: Yes. Yes, it is.


Tina Rowley said...

Best use of ellipses I've seen in a long time.

Jennifer said...

Well, hello, John! I found your blog and read through a bit of it. Well done...you had yourself a couple of clever, funny, weird kids. What more could a parent hope for? May I link to your blog from mine? I know my friend would rather enjoy it. It might scare the poop out of my grandma, but she'll get the idea pretty fast. Hope you are happy and well. I am still at the bank, in grad school full time, and have an internship as well. I sleep on occasion. Take care, Jennifer

Jennifer said...

That should be "friends," of course. I do have more than one. I think I'm up to three now.

la Ketch said...

i live for these. keep it coming...