Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Converation with Charlie (Age 5) About the Animal Kingdom

The highly social girls in Charlie's preschool class like to play "cats", which involves slinking around on the ground, meowing, and kind of grooming one another. Yesterday, Charlie got involved in their game. Kinda.

HIM: Dad, the girls were playing cats and I scared one of them! And she ran away and screamed! And she ran all over the big yard!
ME: Wow. How did you scare her?
HIM: I went like this! (pounding his chest in a gorilla fashion)AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!Remember when they did that at the zoo? The gorillas?
ME: Sure.
HIM: But they didn't scream. But I screamed.
ME: So why did you do that?
HIM: Because it was funny!
ME: Yeah. Well, you're right about that.
HIM: And cats are scared of gorillas.
ME: Well I guess we know that now.
HIM: Can we go see King Kong?
ME: I don't know. We may have to.

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