Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh I forgot to tell you, I did some radio

I filled in hosting Midmorning, a 9am to 11am weekday show on Minnesota Public Radio. Two one-hour topics per day, guests, calls, liveness, the whole bit. Had a blast thanks to some really top notch producers and the support of colleagues.
On Monday, I talked about the decline of religious affiliation in the 9am hour. At 10, we did a show about Twitter, that hopefully illuminated more than it confused. The lovely John Hodgman was part of that one. Tuesday's 9am hour featured a discussion about the online future of newspapers, just as the last ever tangible Seattle P-I hit the streets. Monica Guzman of the P-I was on that one and she sounded weary but candid, which was perfect. She's one of my faves. At 10, yeesh, all about gang warfare in Mexico and whether you'll get beheaded if you go to Cancun (you won't but don't buy any drugs whatever you do).
So you can listen to all those online if you like. Felt great to do radio again. Like a stack of flapjacks on a hungry morning.


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