Friday, March 13, 2009

At the coffee place this morning

ME: Medium coffee and a muffin please.
BARISTO (male form of Barista): We have a special going where if you get a large coffee the muffin is only a dollar.
ME: Would a large coffee and a muffin be cheaper than a medium coffee and a muffin?
BARISTO: Yeah, it would.
ME: But I don't want that much coffee because then I would want to drink it and I would be all twitchy and panicky. I only want a medium.
BARISTO: I'm just saying.
ME: Could you give me a large coffee but just put it in a medium cup so there's only a medium amount of coffee in my large coffee?
BARISTO: Sure, I could do that. Great idea!




Kate said...

I love it!

I hate when they try to upsell me like that. I don't want more coffee or Supersize or whatever.

A. Skretta said...

I go to a local coffee shop as often as I can (I used to work there, as well, so that helps...), and there's none of this complicated crap or pressure to sell sell sell! I like local...

Anonymous said...

This seems like as good a place as any during a discussion of media talkback, to post my gratefulness. Thank you thank you for hosting Midmorning. I listen to it when I get up late, and like a faithful addict, I put it on my shower radio...and I should not use your blog to talk smack about other radio hosts, but, well, this is far more interesting than usual. I have missed your old show. Your callers are not blabbing at great dull length. You snagged John Hodgman. It seems like you might be interested in talking to someone who is not between the ages of 50 and 55. I may have actually learned something that is not about personal finance or roof repair. I cannot express my thanks enough.

Andy Joe said...

I am on to you, penny-pinching cranky old man.