Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day

ME: So if that's TEDDY Roosevelt, who is that there?
CHARLIE (age 8): I don't know. Is it Woodrow Wilson?
ME: No. He's related to Teddy Roosevelt. His last name is also Roosevelt. His first name starts with "F".
CHARLIE: Is it...the bad F word?
ME: No. No, they wouldn't name a president F*ck Roosevelt.


ME: Kate, would you want to be president one day?
KATE (age 6): I don't's a pretty big job...but I wonder if there's room service.
ME: You wonder if there's room service when you're president?
KATE: Is there?
ME: I'm pretty sure there is.
KATE: OKAY! I'll DO IT! And is there a hundred rooms in the White House?
ME: Maybe. There's a lot of rooms.
KATE: And does each room HAVE A TV?!
ME: Not every room. Some just have paintings.
KATE: Well, that's okay. I'll still do it.



Anonymous said...

Ah, delightful.

BTW, I can totally see Kate becoming president. She's got what it takes.

dup said...

I really never had any political ambition until NOW. Now I am offering up my resume to be considered for the job of Kate's campaign manager. In what - 2020? Or is later? So I don't have to say it in the interview I don't have a strength in math.

Nancy Coffelt said...

I'm with Charlie. That'd be TOTALLY great if they did.

Kate said...

Kate for President!

She has to be 35+, so 2038ish?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure my grandparents would've been more than happy to name that man F*ck Roosevelt. Except for the whole public use of profanity thing.

Christopher said...

Well, many of us spent the previous eight years screaming/muttering "F*!#k Bush!", so I think we've got that one covered.

nancymcjensen said...

The McJensens want to know Margaret's perspective on presidents and Presidents' Day.