Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Way Games Sometimes Go In My House

When we play Rock Paper Scissors, we count it out like "Rock, rock, PAPER!" or "Rock, rock, ROCK!" So I'm playing yesterday with Charlie (age 7) and Kate (age 5).

ALL: Rock, rock--
CHARLIE: Tidal wave! Tidal waves crush paper and scissors!
ME: Let's try it again.
ALL: Rock, rock--
CHARLIE: GODZILLA! You can't defeat Godzilla with paper or scissors or rocks!
ME: Oh, I have one. Here we go.
ALL: Rock, rock--
KATE: What?!
ME: Love. Love conquers everything. Godzilla, tidal waves, rocks, scissors, paper.
CHARLIE: Oh that's stupid.
KATE: Oh me! My turn!
ALL: Rock, rock--
ME: Hate?
KATE: Hate beats love! And everything else. Hate.
CHARLIE: Well, I'm doing BLACK HOLE! Black hole defeats hate.
KATE: Nothing defeats hate, Charlie.


Scott Chicken said...

Wow. Science versus religion right there in your own living room.

We play "Catsup, Sandwich, Guy" (pronounced "Guyyyyyy"). Catsup is the fist held sideways, Sandwich is hands together, and Guy is like scissors, only standing on your palm. As I recall, the catsup sprays the guy in the eye, the guy eats the sandwich, and the sandwich steals the ketchup. Or accepts it into itself and becomes one with the catsup. Something like that.

Suzanne said...

I wonder how you all would do at Twister? Please don't try it without medical supervision (or your wife's presence.)

bonnie said...


We were simpler when I was a kid. Rock paper scissors, and bomb (fist with thumb sticking up for fuse).

& now my real question today:

does this frog look familiar?

I wouldn't be surprised if not, but I just thought I'd ask!

bonnie said...

oh, yeah and 'cause we were in Hawaii, it was usually Jun Ken Po!

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

Re: Hate and love- somebody needs to watch the Fifth Element about 10 more times.

Asa Maria Bradley said...

Stumbled on your blog after googling your name. I just finished Conservatize Me which I very much enjoyed. It was nice to meet Charlie and Kate again, they are my favorite characters in the book. Is Charlie still a Sierra Club member?

john said...

Welcome, Writing Valkyrie!
Yes, Charlie is still very much a Sierra Club member. And now he's a diehard supporter of the man he calls "Baracko" as well. "Dad, I really hope Baracko wins. But if Herrelly Clinton wins that would be okay too but I really like Baracko."

Anonymous said...

The kids played rock paper scissors at Girl Scouts the other night. It did not go that well. I wish some of you would have been there to "redirect."

Asa Maria Bradley said...

Well John, I think you can now say that the Conservatize Me experiment failed. If your first born is supporting Baracko and Herrelly, I don't think there's any hope for the second generation of the experiment. (Or would that be the first generation?)

On the other hand...Kate does believe that hate conquers everything. :-)