Thursday, January 17, 2008

Small Items

1. With 10 1/2 hours to spare, I'm declaring the house ready to go live on the market tomorrow. We need to take the garbage out, re-make the beds, and dispose of a mystery basket but these are all things that could be done in less than ten minutes if a realtor called and wanted to see the place. Therefore: the house is ready.

2. Getting the house ready = hardest thing ever. Harder than book writing, harder than finals week, harder than an Amazon launch. Theater folk: imagine a month of tech rehearsals where you're the actor, director, light and set designer, board op, stage manager, front of house staff, and stage crew. I hit the wall a week ago but it was not possible to stop. Moving should be easy.

3. The house must sell. It's a great house in a great neighborhood. "I want someone to fall in love with the house," says the astounding Mrs. Moe, "not just buy it but LOVE it." They will.

4. I think the thing with Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes (a musician/band) is those backing vocals he uses. Man. One of those things that makes me love life. That and Homsar.

5. I'll post the listing for the house soon.


Tina Rowley said...

Dear god, that process sounded horrendous. Congratulations on reaching final readiness. We're going to have to do that in a couple of months - but at least we won't be living in it. That ought to help.

I think someone is on their way over to buy your house with a heart full of love and a bank account very full of spare cash right now.

Anonymous said...

Not only will your house sell, John, but you'll have to deal with multiple offers and a bidding war. I just know it. Good luck.

Scott Chicken said...

I'll get the bidding war started by bidding the 50 bucks we made at the Blue Moon show. Sure, ten of it is yours, but we need somewhere to rehearse.

Ben said...

Where's this listing? Some us us are planning on moving back up to Seattle and are in the proverbial market...