Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spirit? Snap. Broken.

So we are in the waning hours before the house goes on the market. S'posed to happen Friday. Open house on Sunday. Holy guacamole, cats and kittens. I don't think I've ever done anything this hard before. I really, honestly, have mostly lost my ability to joke about this process. Here are several lines of information about this past week or so.

- We've painted mostly the whole interior of the house. There's a bedroom and a rec room unpainted. I think I need to do touch-ups on the rec room. Aaaaand the bedroom.
- I used to hate painting, then I loved painting. I'm back to hate and in hate I shall stay.
- Our contractor is more or less part of the family, for good or ill.
- Pressure washing is an almost unbelievably awesomely fun thing to do. Until your hand cramps.
- A pinched nerve hurts like a son of a bitch. I got one in the neck. Yes, prepping the house was A Real Pain In The Neck.
- Having a tattooed Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran do your carpet cleaning is a really interesting thing to have happen.
- The kids are getting sick of watching TV. Think about that.
- Please buy our house.

Finally, I got a comment on the blog the other day that called the blog "a harsh judgmental snoozefest". I didn't publish it, of course, because how dare you judge me, you know? But the phrase Harsh Judgmental Snoozefest stayed with me. It sounds like a some sort of music festival. Who would play at Harsh Judgmental Snoozefest? Ryan Adams? Oasis? The Singing Senators?


Anonymous said...

Just to counteract your detractor, I want to let you know that I think your blog is the oposite of a harsh judgemental snoozefest. Always witty and entertaining. Maybe because your style of harsh judgement so closely parallels my own. The "singing senators" illustration was PERFECT. Keep it coming!

Scott Chicken said...

I went to Harsh Judgmental Snoozefest once. It was called "19th Century British Lit" and it was taught by a professor who dared to judge me because I snoozed. And hated 19th Century British Lit. And thought Heathcliff was a cat...

Good luck with the open house. It's a good house in a good location and should move if it's priced well. And hey, let me know if you need help touching up the paint and I'll haul the kids over tomorrow. Because really, what you need is more children running around the house while you're trying to paint...

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

noo. nooo. "Harsh Judgemental Snoozefest" must've actually meant "Been keepin' it real so long doing the right thing you can barely keep yo' eyes open, butchya jus keep on trucking." Certainly.