Friday, December 21, 2007

This is how it goes now

So the Mariners signed Carlos Silva, a mediocre pitcher, to a four year deal. Yeah, it was for way more money than he's likely worth but what jumps out more is that he'll be clogging up the rotation for four years of Jarrod Washburn style suckitudedness. Silva used to be with the Minnesota Twins. And I'm moving to Minnesota just in time for the start of baseball season.

Hmm. My fave rave team will always be the Mariners, stuck with Silva. But I'll be following the Twins, free of Silva. I guess I'm glad to have a Silva-less id even as I have an overly Silva-ful superego.

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Anonymous said...

You're really moving to Minnesota? You have my condolences. You know most people actually do the opposite: Minneapolis to Seattle tends to be far more romantic-sounding. I hope you're joining KNOW (as if I needed one more reason to stream

Good luck!