Monday, December 10, 2007

Kate (Age 5) Defines Gratitude

(this is a bit old, from her birthday in October)

JILL: Look Kate, this is from Stephanie.
KATE: Oh, let's see what it is!
(unwraps paper to reveal box)
JILL: Ooh, it looks like a shoe box.
KATE: Oh, I love it! Now I have something to put my SHOES in! A shoe box!
JILL: Well, actually Kate, there's probably another gift actually inside the box.
KATE: There is?! Wow!

She would have been happy with a box. You know, so her shoes weren't just loose in the house. Ah, if only such simple needs would endure.

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"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

one time a friend gave me a birthday gift, - I opened it and it was a leather wallet-looking thing, very cool-looking, I put it aside making a mental note to use it soon-
Three days later the friend asked:
"Hey, did you like your gift?"
"Yea- it's great, thanks?"
"Oh, why aren't you wearing it?-"
(akward silence)
it turned out that the "wallet" was actually a case(uhm, like, "packaging") for a nice watch.
Still feel dumb about that.